Sunday, May 30, 2010


This year I decided to choose completely different annuals from the past. I don't usually care for any of the ones I bought this year, however, they looked fresh, healthy and appealing at the garden centre. The marigolds will be dispersed around the garden, particularly in amongst the raised veg beds. The begonias displayed a deep burgundy hue in their foliage that would perfectly compliment my favourite Gaura plant. The new petunias are a deep blackish purple that invites a sneaky touch as the flowers resemble a luxurious velvet.
They all got planted in pots and baskets and it will be interesting if my opinion of them changes as they grow and their beauty unfolds.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Garden...

As Mr. McGreely would say (from our most fave childrens story by Candace Flemming - Tippy, Tippy, Hide!) "Spring has sprung". Whilst my accumulating pile of discarded packaging grows, so does our garden. We choose to be outdoors as much as possible after a long, wet, grey winter. Here are a few images from the garden... The oversize window boxes were made by my husband from reclaimed wood from our old carport. They will serve as a new home to strawberry plants and mixed greens.