Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My husband and I have been diligently watching (and enjoying) Bravo's latest reality tv show - Work of Art - The Next Great Artist. The premise is a group of artist's have gathered and given a challenge each week. They have a limited time span and funds to create a piece of art that they then show in a gallery setting to be judged by a panel of art critics, gallery owners, artist and the like. One contestant is chosen as the winner and gains immunity towards the following week challenge whilst one contestant is eliminated.

We have decided (with much excitement) to play along at home and create our own works based on the same challenge featured on the show. The first week the contestants had to do a portrait of their room mate. Any medium was game from digital, watercolour, oil and print making. Some were true likenesses based on how the artist viewed their subject. Others were so abstract even the judges had a hard time critiquing the work.

I chose a small 8"by 8" canvas for my portrait (of my husband) which I then treated to a coat of sky blue acrylic paint. I then added some fluffy white clouds and did a VERY simple line drawing of what I thought the essential lines of my husbands face consisted of using a litho crayon. He is very much a dreamer, therefore, I thought it fitting to do a portrait of his head "in the clouds".

John's work is a pen and ink line drawing filled in with colouring markers. He chose not to do a classic portrait, instead selecting elements of my interests to fill his page - Buddha, light and the garden.
This has been a really fun challenge to push ones creative process. We are already working on the next challenge....stay tuned!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


These are the most useful storage units....buckets made from canvas and recycled coffee sacks. My latest is super sized to accommodate all of our Duplo blocks (there is actually room for a few more sets). The inspiration was instantaneous when I saw my daughter's newest Playmobil lady. I loved the graphic pattern on her jersey and immediately hit the recycled stash to make my own version of this bold design.

I cut loads of circles (loose definition) and arranged them in pleasing colour palettes and sizes. Together they form the nine circles that I sewed onto the burlap before assembling the bucket. I used some old burlap ribbon (again loose definition) for the handles which melds into the small hands that drag it around the house.

Fabric buckets make clean up time easy and they are a viable alternative to plastic containers. Any design could be put onto the bucket using old packaging with your sewing machine - just look at your toys or nature for sources of potential artwork inspiration.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Today officially feels like the first week of summer as there is finally sun and heat combined. We hit the library and stocked up on books and DVDs (because, in all honesty, we need downtime after the water park and beach!). I hope we can spend many afternoons lazing in the hammock reading our favourites. I intend to be diligent in filling out the children's library reading program forms to acquire stamps, stickers and perhaps a chance prize. Our fave author remains Julia Donaldson and Robert Munsch, meanwhile, I am currently re-reading Eclipse before going to the theatre in a few days (extreme excitement!!!!!).

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today we walked at Neck Point - a beautiful waterfront sanctuary in the heart of a residential area. The lighting was magic with bruised skies and filtered, ambient sun. A subtle breeze created tiny, gentle waves. Cottonwood floated through the air like a well orchestrated ballet.
As usual I took lots of photos and noticed a linear quality to them all. The "neck" beach cut through the water while jagged rocks jutted against smooth little pebbles. The sky was layered with fluffy clouds lending a softness to the distant mountainous shores. Meanwhile a small boy spends a pensive moment on a seat carved from a giant log.
Nature is inspiring as always... I wonder what creation might arise from today's outing.