Saturday, June 30, 2007

Musings and More...

So we did the unthinkable today.................

We not only took our family "to eat" lunch at McDonalds but we gave our sweet, pure, almost 9 month old son a french fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like all of those parents that I had previously judged (not a good practice, I know realise) were staring at us tut-tutting in disgust. It was shameful of us, however, Quinn was staring with those baby pleading eyes that no human being could say no to. So we let one cool down, rubbed as much salt off as we could and let him have it.
Part of us felt we were giving our young children a rite of passage experience into the world of fast food and the other part felt we should eat only fruit and veg. (organic even better) for the next fornight.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pretty Things...

Our lives should always be filled with pretty things - Elizabeth and I have been picking "posies" of flowers from our garden and they instantly pretty up the rooms they are in. After 6 seasons my pale pink paeony produced one luscious, perfect flower. The debate was to cut or not to cut...well you can see from prior photos that cutting won, and I am pleased. The rain would have washed the petals away anyway (so I reason with myself).

Another pretty thing that has entered my life is my Rhembein bag that my husband bought for me at last Saturdays Salt Spring Island Market. I absolutely love the fabrics and it, well, just makes me feel good. I even had to go and purchase some new tops to accompany the brilliant colours of this new fave pretty thing.

I've included http://www.rhembein/ in my list of sites I like and everyone should check it out. Gyl's children's dress designs are absolutely stunning - THAT is what little girls should be wearing!!!

Her site is so inspiring to me since I also love pretty fabrics and sewing, photography and tales of the everyday.

(I am quite chuffed that you can see my bag amoungst the other beautiful creations shown - I rather feel like I should be in "Hello" Mag (Canadian edition, of course) as a who's who sporting Canadian originals!!!!)

Hope you all enjoyed your days.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Few Creations...

Hello, Here are a few pics of some latest work. I am really ejoying the "Dream" Series and they are flowing into existence quite well. Can you tell that I am rather taken with paper arts - I am envisioning an entire clothing line for my wooden model friend!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, June 25th

So....Did you smile today?? I did. Several times actually. This morning Elizabeth and I were gardening and I dug up some old white bulbs. She collected them in an old pot and declared them to be her dinosaur that's creativity at work.
Secondly was while watching that Ikea summer sale commercial where the odd looking women gets into her car and tells her husband to drive all the while yelling "Woooooooooooooooo...!!!!"
Now we've all had that feeling before leaving a store getting a sweet deal. Their advertising worked - it made me smile.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to Everyday Moments at KEWDESIGNS. My intention is to share musings, thoughts, stories and ideas along with photos of current and past works of arts, paper arts, garden creations and laughter of my two most sweet and wonderfully lovely children - Elizabeth & Quinn.

I am very excited about sharing everyday moments in this "new to me" medium. It is my hope to stay current and be connected to family, friends, colleagues and clients.

Even on the most ordinary and uneventful day we should find something to smile about - a memory, a joke, a glance out the window revealing a flower, a dog or a bird, an interaction with a loved one or just a classic episode of Seinfeld!!!

These special quiet (or not so quiet) moments are what makes life....well, life. I intend to take a moment (or several) to smile, reflect, give thanks and most importantly play. ENJOY!!!